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Body & Pole Fitness Studio: An empowering world of poetry in motion

Regardless of its history, pole dancing is rapidly entering and breaking down the confines of dance as an art form to embody a celebration of the unbelievable capabilities of our bodies, its beauty and restrictions. I caught up with the inspiring Sarah Guthrie, owner and main instructor at Body & Pole Fitness Studio, to find out what makes pole-dancing such an amazing and addictive form of workout.

Dogtowns of the North East

Skateboarders look at the world around them differently. By using their skateboards, they interact with the urban environment in a more expressive way than the rest of us. Since the 1970s, they've been reimagining the possibilities of town centres, city streets, barren spaces and rundown neighbourhoods — the 'Dogtowns' of the world. The original inventiveness, brotherhood and fearlessness of these skateboarders crafted a new way of life. This unique skating culture spread out across the world and I recently ventured out to catch a glimpse of it here in the North East.

Velvoir: The Machine

The creations draw us to the humans, but to go on making the creations the humans need to fit into the Machine and to fit into the Machine they need to make certain sacrifices. This is the third and last piece on Velvoir, which deals with what it means to sacrifice everything to fulfil your dreams.

Hairstyling in the Heart of Sunderland with Jonathan Pickup

With several British Hair Award nominations and a commendable career working for the hairstyling super-brand Toni&Guy, Jonathan Pickup continues delivering elegantly tailored styles in his own salon for new and long-standing clients in the heart of Sunderland. Classic aesthetics, the brutal lifestyle of premier hairstylists in London and the need to settle down — we chatted about this and more during an afternoon of hairstyling madness.

An Afternoon Inside The Copper House — A Boutique Hair Salon in Middlesbrough

The moment I stepped into The Copper House on Baker Street I thought I had stepped into a late 19th century seafarer and antique collector’s house. They describe themselves as a boutique hair salon with a difference. It was this coupled with the online profiles of the stylists that made me choose this salon above other hairdressing salons when I first arrived in Teesside. I knew that I was looking for something out of the ordinary. A personal touch. An original artistic vision. A respect for the science of hairstyling ...

Dissolving the Boundaries of Theatre — Cat's First Play at the ARC

Most people have a strange relationship with theatre: some are fanatics — well, I’ve only met one of these so far — others have perhaps attended a handful of performances in their lives and will maybe attend another if a fanatical theatregoer invited them. Then there is the majority. Our everyday man — or should I say ‘young adult’? — thinks the word ‘play’ is a verb, has always been a verb and will always be a verb.

Here is a teasing view into the world of the Stockton Arts Centre — dare I say the least ‘run-down’ of all the buildings in town? — where you can attend experimental (and more traditional) high-quality theatre productions on a ‘Pay what you decide’ basis.