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The Mockingbird Deli and the Sands of Time

The Mockingbird Deli had stood out from the start. The shop sign, a mockingbird hanging in simplistic splendour guarded a doorway to a place where time stood still. The regulars, sitting outside, watched the world go by in forgotten happiness, ice blocks slowly melting in their wine glasses. And in the window seat, a studious reader pondered over the news as he dug his feet in the sands of time…

The Golden Smog: The Best in Real Ale & Smoggie Hospitality

Stockon’s first micropub, The Golden Smog, is the realisation of John Christie’s dream to offer fellow smoggies the best British and foreign beer around. Tucked away in a side alley, it does much more than uphold the original tenets of the pub. By offering the realest ‘real ale’, an open, warm atmosphere in which friendships are born and a sense of community is strengthened, it also represents the very best of Teesside and the hospitality of its people.

Rounton Coffee Roasters: Putting the Special Back into 'Speciality Coffee'

Rounton Coffee Roasters have retained everything special of the original concept of ‘speciality coffee’. During my visit to this artisan coffee roastery, located near a beautiful village in North Yorkshire, I discovered that they were more than just a coffee company and what they offered was more than just coffee: it was an experience born from an ideal, a life journey and an imported Turkish coffee roaster.

Journeying into 'The Way of Tea'

Mint Hobo have established themselves as masters of ‘the Way of Coffee’, leaving clear footprints in the trail of freshly ground coffee houses scattered across the North East. Their new project, however, leads the team into an unknown world marked by simplicity, grace and beauty and sees them slipping through velvety mounds of green tea powder and jugs of milk in their exploration of this ancient drink ... As an avid green tea drinker and matcha fanatic, it was with much excitement that I joined their matcha green tea experiment.

Mint Hobo: Candy and Stardust (of the black liquid kind)

We’ve all been there. We’ve all craved the perfect cup of coffee ... at an inconvenient time. A time when the perfect cup was either a) unattainable (and we had to make do with generic, shoddy cups), or b) we had no idea where to look for it. Well, if you happen to be in or around Teesside you only have to follow the Tees upstream all the way until you spot the majestic stone bridge of Yarm. And somewhere along the cobbled High Street you might spot a gingerbread man: the guardian of the North East’s mecca of coffee.

The Quornfields of Stockton — Did I hear someone say, ‘Vegetarian Paradise’?

Memories of burnt foil parcels of buttery sweet corn and the fluffy white peaks of mieliepap drifted into Cat’s dreams. No African cat can forget this particularly versatile white goodness in its various forms: the crumbly snow drops of maize drenched in tomato and onion sauce, or the milky porridge, swirls of honey and butter decorating its surface — a corny cappuccino. Cat went out looking for corn. Instead she found herself gazing out over Quornfields.