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Body & Pole Fitness Studio: An empowering world of poetry in motion

Regardless of its history, pole dancing is rapidly entering and breaking down the confines of dance as an art form to embody a celebration of the unbelievable capabilities of our bodies, its beauty and restrictions. I caught up with the inspiring Sarah Guthrie, owner and main instructor at Body & Pole Fitness Studio, to find out what makes pole-dancing such an amazing and addictive form of workout.

The Revival of Teesside Cat

Quietness. There was a break. Unannounced. Not a crash. (Well, not quite). Delicate. Unexpected. So quiet that hardly anyone noticed. A sudden tweet-free, instagramless, social media wipe out. A slow disintegration. Cat disappeared. Swallowed up by the graceless reality of curiosity… I took a break from blogging. It was unintentional but unavoidable. So why did it happen? And what can readers expect in the future?

Dogtowns of the North East

Skateboarders look at the world around them differently. By using their skateboards, they interact with the urban environment in a more expressive way than the rest of us. Since the 1970s, they've been reimagining the possibilities of town centres, city streets, barren spaces and rundown neighbourhoods — the 'Dogtowns' of the world. The original inventiveness, brotherhood and fearlessness of these skateboarders crafted a new way of life. This unique skating culture spread out across the world and I recently ventured out to catch a glimpse of it here in the North East.