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The Spanish Course and the Wonders of Cantabria

The essential difference between those who travel to a place and those who go on a holiday is their willingness to embrace the local lifestyle. That is what The Spanish Course is all about: a willingness to live like a local in the wondrous region of Cantabria learning about a new culture, sharing your own and taking advantage of the numerous experiences offered by the region while refining your Spanish language skills.

Durham Pride 2017 Through the Eyes of a Volunteer

Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Violet. June sets off another burst of rainbow-tinted Pride festivals. On the 29th of May, I volunteered to help out at Durham Pride 2017. As one of the smaller Pride events in the UK it still has all of the flamboyance and colour characteristic of these celebrations. And at its heart it exudes values that reach far beyond the LGBT community. Inclusivity. Acceptance. Love. Timeless values that we can all embrace.

Edinburgh: A Visit to the Athens of the North

Before the festive season started, I took a short break in Edinburgh: a Scottish world criss-crossed with mythological intrigue, Greek splendour, cosmopolitan diversity and natural beauty. You do not need much prior planning to discover its secrets. You simply need to walk and take it all in. Here is a possible travel plan: simple, spontaneous and filled with visual tasters.

Bridge Diary 1.2: Newport

This is the second entry in my Bridge Diary, which I started in memory of a grandfather I wish I had known better. There was no doubt as to which bridge would be next in line to be taken apart, rivet by rivet, and turned into words. The Tees Newport Bridge — that red and silver marvel of engineering — was in fact the bridge that started it all ...

Bridge Diary 1.1 — Infinity

My grandfather toured the world's bridges, including those in the United Kingdom. He perhaps walked Middlesbrough’s streets long before me. If he had, I might not know what he thought of the town but I know he would've been transfixed by its bridges. The Bridge Diary series is a tribute to him and to the often overlooked beauty that these ingenious constructions bring to a region’s landscape.

Starting with Infinity.