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The Spanish Course and the Wonders of Cantabria

The essential difference between those who travel to a place and those who go on a holiday is their willingness to embrace the local lifestyle. That is what The Spanish Course is all about: a willingness to live like a local in the wondrous region of Cantabria learning about a new culture, sharing your own and taking advantage of the numerous experiences offered by the region while refining your Spanish language skills.

Snapshots of a Stray Cat in Macedonia

For reasons unknown but time will tell Cat disappeared. She fell into a watery portal and found her feet soaking in Lake Ohrid. As the sun rose over Macedonian fishermen catching their daily drinking allowance, she reflected upon labours left unfinished in the Tees Valley. Countless abandoned stories were floating down the River Tees. It was time to leave Macedonia behind.

A series of snapshots capturing something, if not nearly enough, of a mesmerising country: its exquisite landscapes, hospitable people and intriguing history. A must on any serious traveller’s list of destinations.